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Military Experience

In 2003 Dr. Rodriguez was deployed as part of the 1982nd Forward Surgical Team, attached to the 2nd Brigade of the 4th Infantry Division.  He was stationed at Camp Warhorse, in Baqouba, Iraq, a mixed Shiite and Sunni region within the Sunni Triangle.  A Forward Surgical Team is a 20 person unit that moves with the Infantry, and receives acute injuries directly on the battlefield, then stabilizing the injured for rapid transfer to a higher echelon of care.  The base was attacked on a daily basis, but interaction with local population was frequent.

In 2005 Dr. Rodriguez mobilized with his home unit, the 344th Combat Support Hospital, to provide care for the Detention Facilities in Abu Ghraib.  This was a very different experience, because most of the patients remained in the facility until their medical care was completed.  This involved a high volume of penetrating trauma, blast injuries and infections.  Care was also provided to Iraqi civilians that were injured as part of Coalition activities, and of course our own soldiers.

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